«I have many friends in the city. To be exact, there are about 16,000 pigeons living in Zurich. Besides, there is a lot to see in Zurich and people feed me, which is actually not good at all…»


Pigeons have spread together with people all over the world and now live in almost all big cities. Pigeons seek shelter not in trees, but in ledges and niches of houses. This is the substitute for natural cliffs. That is why they find so many habitats in cities.
Pigeons live from 15 to a maximum of 20 years.
Pigeons will eat practically anything humans give them: Whether it’s bread, popcorn or other food scraps.
Pigeons are diurnal and often appear somewhat nervous as they use their beaks to examine all unfamiliar objects.
The hawk, the sparrow hawk and the falcon are enemies of the urban pigeon. However, through skillful flight maneuvers, they can sometimes escape their pursuers.
Humans and pigeons have been friends for a long time. It served us as a letter carrier more than 2000 years ago, because pigeons can fly up to 185 km/h fast. What people are not very happy about, however, are the vast amounts of droppings that pigeons produce. In the city of Zurich there are 80 tons of pigeon droppings per year. Unfortunately, this can attack facades and cause damage.


«I think it’s great when you feed me. There are even pigeon tables set aside for that. But if you feed us too often, it will cause us to multiply greatly because the food supply is so great. As much as I love my fellow pigeons, overpopulation is not good either. 

We like to nest in houses. That’s where the lady pigeon lays her eggs. If you don’t want that, you may contact the gamekeeper. He will place the nest in another place without damaging the eggs.»