«I like to hide in parks and gardens because I find a lot of food there. Besides, I have almost no enemies in the city, except for humans and their machines. Unfortunately, however, there are always tragic accidents that have caused me to lose many of my friends. For example, when people cut the lawn or hedge, they injure hedgehogs hiding in it. Dense roads are also a great danger for us.»


Hedgehogs live in all regions, as long as the climate is not too hot or too cold. In the city they prefer living quarters with lots of trees, meadows and bushes. They also like to live in gardens and parks with many different plants.
In the wild, hedgehogs live two to four years.
Hedgehogs feed on isopods, spiders, larvae, earthworms, snails, frogs, mice and birds.
Hedgehogs are nocturnal and very adept: they can climb, swim and run amazingly fast. When threatened with danger, they hedge by raising their spines and curling up into a ball. Hedgehogs hibernate when temperatures drop below 15 degrees. They wake up briefly only once every 30 days.
Thanks to its dangerous spiny coat, the hedgehog has few enemies. However, they are on the menu of badgers, owls and other birds of prey.
Hedgehogs carry up to 8,000 spines on their backs. Hedgehogs love to be active and move around. They suffer greatly when kept in cages.


«You should drive carefully at night and watch out for us, so that there are not so many accidents. Search the meadows and hedges for animals before you cut them. That way you will save us a lot of suffering. Also, don’t feed me milk, cat food or leftovers. It gives me diarrhea! Phooey! You should rather lure me with hedgehog food. Then I will come again and again!

In winter I get terribly tired. Then I need a good hiding place, so that I can withdraw. You can help me by leaving the leaves until spring or by piling up some wood.»