«I live in the city because there is an abundant food supply here. I don’t have to go hunting. I can also just dig through people’s leftover food. There’s always something tasty to be found.»


The fox is the most widespread predator. They are extremely adaptable and can live in forests, deserts and coasts. Or even in settlements and parks.
Foxes live up to 12 years.
Foxes eat everything: mice, earthworms, bird eggs, frogs or even chickens from the barn. In the city they have taken to stealing food scraps from garbage bags.
Foxes are solitary animals. Alone they roam at night and go hunting. To sleep, they retreat to their underground dens.
The urban fox has no natural enemies, except for humans.
Unfortunately, foxes often suffer from rabies and therefore have to be killed. They can infect animals and humans. A rabid fox often behaves differently: it loses its shyness towards people, becomes aggressive and bites.
Foxes have been living in settled areas for quite some time. Therefore, they have also adapted their appearance to city life. Their muzzles have become shorter and they have bright spots on their fur, which usually only pets have.


«Even though I look cute, it’s better if you don’t get too close to me. I might have rabies and infect you with it. I don’t want that. Also, don’t feed me, or I will lose my natural shyness around people and become pushy. Stay calm and leave me an escape route, then I won’t hurt you. Got it? 

A tip for you: If you don’t want me to approach your house, remove all food sources. I’m constantly on the lookout for something edible and I won’t even stop at your garden bed. Therefore, you should protect it with nets or wire fencing. 

Unfortunately, I’m still single at the moment, but as soon as I find a sexy fox lady, we will look for a shelter for our offspring. If we nest in your yard, contact the game warden in charge. After raising the young we will move out again and I will roam the alleys of the city alone again. This is what I like best. Nobody is safe from Fred the fox 😉  Then, as soon as the den is uninhabited, the game warden will make it inaccessible.»