«On balconies, in gardens and parks, there is a great variety of different plants and flowers. There is a lot to discover! Unfortunately, though, we often lack nesting sites and many of my friends are homeless.»


In the city, bees live in settlements with green roofs or facades and in natural gardens. It is very important for them to have many different flowering plants and nesting sites that are close to each other.
A worker bee lives only about six weeks, while the queen bee can live three to five years.
Bees feed on nectar, pollen and honey.
Bees are the most important pollinators of native flowers. They contribute significantly to the diversity of our nature. Bees orient themselves to the sun. It serves as a compass for them to orient themselves. Honey bees live in colonies of up to 80,000 individuals and can produce one kilogram of honey per day. Wild bees, on the other hand, are solitary and do not live in colonies.
Wasps, hornets and birds are the biggest enemies of bees. We humans can also become enemies if we mistake them for wasps and try to kill them. Bees try to defend themselves with their poison sting. However, the stinging often ends fatally for themselves.
In the city of Zurich alone live about 160 different species of bees. In the whole country of Switzerland there are about 600. Bees are among the oldest living creatures of all. They have been living on earth for over 1000 million years.


«When I approach you, don’t get frantic right away and lash out. Just chill, I’m not going to hurt you! I’m just curious and want to explore everything. 

Plant some different plants and flowers on your balcony or put up a bee house so I can retreat. A lot of bees are homeless otherwise.»